An unexpected turn of events

December 14, 2010 § 7 Comments

On starting this blog, I imagined it to be full of my homely Melbourne cooking adventures. However no more than three days after its birth my anticipated summer in Australia took an unexpected turn. I was sitting with my sweetheart, who was departing for Morocco and Sierra Leone in 5 hours, lamenting the fact that I was not coming – we would be spending a good five months apart. When it dawned on me. There was no real reason why I should not go! Plus, you only live once, and Sierra Leone seemed a destination that I would most likely never get to in any other circumstance.
It was on! I had five hours to book a ticket, pack my bags, organise work and pack up my whole room. Somehow I managed, and it wasn’t until I was safely on the plane that I had time to think about whether I had done the right thing. By then it was too late, my summer had been determined and to tell you the truth I was nervously excited.

Jet engine


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